Q: I installed your app but don't know where to find it in Tasker/Locale/Setting Profiles/Llama. What gives?

A: Please see the "Apps" tab in Secure Settings. There are steps for how to find Secure Settings for both Action and Condition options.

Q: I have a Samsung Galaxy S2 with the Helper installed but I still can't toggle the pattern lock screen.

A: The Samsung Galaxy S2 has a non-standard lockscreen implementation. Please see this thread for a workaround.

Q: Help! I can't install the Helper.

A: Please see the Installing Helper wiki page.

Q: Help! I can't update/remove the Helper.

A: Please see the Removing the Helper wiki page.

Q: Help! I can't uninstall Secure Settings.

A: Please go to your device's Settings > Security > Device Administrators and uncheck "Secure Settings"